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Welcome To Scientology Canberra

Servicing Australia Wide

You are not your cloths. You are not your body. So who are you?

In Scientology you will find that you are a life source who animates your body. One's life source is not found in the physical universe. Its separateness to the body is very evident. It obeys its own laws that are as demonstrable as gravity. And with knowledge of those laws Man can achieve theoretically unlimited potential, far greater than anyone would allow him believe.

The Scientology applied religious philosophy was developed only since 1932, but it is built upon the prior knowledge of thousands of years.

The subject of Scientology is about you. The word Scientology means a study of knowledge. The subject of that knowledge is life, you.

How can one determine if the subject is correct or not?

The answer is to get and read a book on the subject of Scientology, or its sub study of the mind, Dianetics. They are inexpensive. They can be borrowed. Read a book at home away from distraction. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself. That is what Scientology is about.

You can contact me at if you like. I can answer your questions should you wish.

Scientology books, when read with the glossaries, can change lives just by themselves. The first book I recommend is Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought -

Read it - think for yourself. Scientology is a great adventure of getting to know who you really are. Good luck. Enjoy the book which you can order from our bookstore. Enjoy the change within yourself. Let me know.

Rev. Nick Broadhurst

You can contact me at I can answer your questions should you wish.

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